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Bone Rigging Plate

Also called “Q bone” for the customer who first commissioned the design.

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Also called “Q bone” for the customer who first commissioned the design.

Suspension spreaders are extremely useful but your typical suspension bar won’t fit in your rope bag and is likely to bang into the ceiling or other hardware on your typical suspension point. This bridges the gap between a plate or ring and a bar.

At 14” long and 5.75” wide it is portable and not to large for limited spaces, yet still provides separation. Strong enough to hang multiple bottoms at once, you can enjoy a see-saw or small mobile effect. Limbs can be separated. Balance predicaments can be created. Let your imagination run wild. For a mild rig, you can use just the center opening just like a typical “shibari ring” (which is actually Western but who’s counting). As things get more complicated, carabiners can be added to the slots or additional lines to the outer rings. This thick, one piece design is sturdy, reliable, and provides smooth wide curves to save your rope when applied directly to the bone.

We recommend a bare metal finish for this plate to catch the light and emphasize its sexy lines, but black or red powder coat might suit your unique style.

Special note:
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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