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Safeword – Bondage Safety Tool

The Safeword tool is completely different from all other available tools and was designed specifically to correct the issues with other tools.

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The Safeword safety tool was designed and is manufactured by several experienced bondage riggers to fill the need for a specialized safety tool for use in sensual bondage scenes. Over the years many tools have been recommended by experienced riggers. Paramedic scissors, rescue hooks, gut hooks, box cutters, and many other cutting tools have been used. All of these tools have major drawbacks or are simply dangerous to use to quickly and safely rescue a bottom from a scene gone wrong. Numerous instances where either the bottom, or top, suffered lacerations or injuries from unsuccessful or incomplete removal from bondage, have been documented.

The Safeword tool is completely different from all other available tools and was designed specifically to correct the issues with other tools. It is designed with two fork tips with the blade between them. One fork is shaped to penetrate and loosen a stuck knot and can be used without cutting the rope similar to a marlin spike or will loosen and cut if advanced further. The other tip has a bulbous tip that can be safely thrust under wraps and a inclined ramp opposite the incline of the blade that quickly guides the rope, ribbon, zip ties, or thin leather strap to the blade and imparts a highly effective shearing angle that causes the material to be elevated by the blade as the cutter is advanced causing a quick, clean cut. ( If you use a material that is not listed above or use material over 3/8 thick a test might be needed to ensure our tool will clear the material correctly for proper operation.) We have tested the tool on 6mm and 8mm rope in Jute, and Nylon, and on leather straps 1″ wide and 1/16″ thick, as well as on common zip ties and ribbon under tension.

The tool can be used cutting away or toward the rescuer in safety. It is designed for one hand operation so the other arm can be used to support the submissive during rescue. It comes complete with a sheath and a storage vial with four replacement blades. The blades are replaceable using only a #1 Phillips head screwdriver. More replacement blades are available at any hardware store and blade replacement takes less than one minute. The butt of the tool is equipped with a spring release lanyard ring so the tool can be hung from a neck lanyard if the top is not dressed in a manner that allows the use of the sheath. (Especially useful for FemDoms ) A complete set of instructions is included for use and maintenance. The tool is available in matte black and gloss red as a stock item and in custom colors for an additional charge.


Black, Red

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